Digital Marketing Case Study:
Amistad Partners

Amistad Partners is an international luxury hotel representation company who provide sales and marketing support for independent hotels globally and they, approached Rank Strikers to help make more of the digital marketing mix.

The Challenge

The Amistad Partners is a start-up company in 2018 and their marketing team approached Rank Strikers to help them make more of their digital marketing campaigns, trying to pinpoint opportunities to reach potential hotel stakeholders and decision makers online. Hotel representation is a niche business with more competition online, it was important that they made the most of their resources available.

Our Solution

We worked with Amistad Partners across all their owned marketing channels. For the website itself, we applied full performance user experience testing to identify barriers to conversion.

We set the search teams to drive more qualified traffic, with analytics prioritising the most effective opportunities through algorithmic analysis of market demand and behaviours, competitor performance and site health.

We worked along with their internal design team to create better branded PPC and social media campaigns.

Lastly, we built comprehensive reporting for the internal Amistad Partners marketing team, to help them understand their current position and improve their business performance.


Mission accomplished and the results speak for themselves, with a high reach and stellar engagement rates we had one very happy client. Attention earned and influence achieved.

We use Rank Strikers to provide our B2B Website, PPC, SEO, content and creative work. We get a proactive service, and being able to login to Track Rank means we know everything that is happening.


32% increase
in PPC conversion


221% increase in new organic user globally


214% in relevant keywords with an average rank of 1-5


40% increase
in organic goal conversion

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