Case Study:

Maala Banqueting

Maala Banqueting, a specialist in South Asian catering approached us to help improve local search visibility. We used data visualisation to reveal where to focus and increased their leads from their digital campaigns

The Challenge

Maala Banqueting provides their catering services in Essex and London, requiring many AdWords campaigns. Identifying the search terms and campaigns that are most effective is difficult when dealing with this type of industry when there are another competing for the same target keywords. We were trying to identify the right data by overlaying it with other dimensions, such as location.

Our Solution

With the use of data visualisation tool, we identify the data on a map to better understand the audience geography.

We were started seeing the locations which were generating the most impressions and we used Google’s Distance Matrix API  to create a data visualisation that can be plot the distance between the services and the target clients.


This helped us to work on new SEO & PPC strategy to increase organic leads and paid leads. Initially, our data visualisation told us where ad spend could be considered as wasteful, due to the distance from the nearest service the search was. But, unexpectedly, we had uncovered a secondary insight.


Our data told us that Essex, East and West London were the major locations where Maala Banqueting was generating interest but didn’t have service providing at West London. So, by using data visualisation, we helped the client to open up their service in newer location.


"We use Rank Strikers for our local search and PPC campaigns. We are very pleased with their service and have made them our preferred agency to our known contacts."  


43% increase
in PPC conversion


81% increase in new organic leads


143% in relevant keywords with an average rank of 1-3


19% increase
in organic goal conversion

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