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Internal Linking: An All-round SEO technique you need right now

When it comes to SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), keywords are not only the important factors that determine the uniqueness of the content to make it stand out apart from the rest or increase the ranking of your page or driving a considerable amount of traffic to your page.

To have a sufficient back up of your content, and make it more interesting, internal linking is one of the best techniques.

The more internal links you add in your content, more chances of visibility your page gets. Internal links provide credibility and context to your page.

What is internal linking?

Internal linking is an art of connecting where you link your old pages or blogs with the new one, and direct your readers from one link to link, thereby making the piece of an article or blog more interesting.

When you create links within your page, it is called as internal linking. This is one of the best SEO strategies in digital marketing to increase your page ranking and attract good traffic to your page.

Internal links are very important in determining the ranking of a website or page. It is very imperative to add a good number of healthy internal links on your site.

In this way, you are helping a search engine to attach more relevance to your page and making your site more user-friendly. Interlinking is one of the factors that helps you to stay in line with the current digital marketing trends.

Internal links are mainly used for

  • Allowing the users to navigate the particular website.

  • Enabling the users to form an information hierarchy with the website.

  • Creating link equity within the websites, thereby increasing the ranking

Implementing an internal linking strategy

Implementing a good internal linking strategy is one of the factors that helps you to access the links and the anchor text that you provide in your article or page. For the effectivity of this step, its highly recommended to use certain tools, which checks and estimates the importance of the web page and gives you wider scope and options to improve the quality of the page.

Plenty of tools like Sitebulb and DeepCrawl are available which helps the webmasters to understand the nature of the page like the link equity, the volume of interlinks and the traffic flow of the page. These tools help you to properly implement a strategy for you to ensure that your page or pages have sufficiently covered all the important SEO aspects required.

Creating a good internal link structure

Creating an excellent internal link structure is an important factor that boosts your page’s traffic, and drastically reduces the bounce rate. Here are a few tips for you to curate a good internal linking structure.

1) Add internal linking in the main content of your page

Google employs a crawler bot strategy to navigate a site or page, as the crawler bots examine a page, it indexes the page accordingly. If a page doesn’t have a proper linking, the crawler bots take much longer to index that particular page.

By adding interlinks to your page, you are boosting the speed to have your page indexed as soon as possible. This helps to improve your content to rank high in SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

2) Add value to your content by including keywords in the anchor text

One of the specialised ways of excellent SEO is adding apt keywords in the anchor text. Naturally, the keyword in the anchor text will match the main keyword or the targeted keyword of the page, increasing the SEO ranking of the page.

By placing the exact keyword in the internal link anchor text, is a subtle way to inform your readers what to expect next in the linked content. However, you should be aware of keyword stuffing in the anchor text.

3) Cover all the important pages through internal linking

It is absolutely necessary to have all your important pages linked internally in the content. If a page is void of any links, the search engine will term the page as “Orphan Page”. This is one of the common SEO mistakes, so, it is very important to have a page linked internally to other pages.

It is recommended to interlink at least four articles within a page as it improves the freshness of the page and improves the SERP ranking of your content, and add value to your content.

4) Update information frequently

It is always good to go back and browse through your old posts or articles to check for information, at that time you may find your content out of the current stock or trend or even be bothered by some discrepancies. At that juncture, you can update your content to the current trend and give it a polished look. If possible, you can optimise it well and add internal links with the latest article you have written. This is one of the secrets that help to improve the SERP ranking of the old content and helps in establishing your brand-new pages. Internal linking, the best SEO practice

Having your articles or pages linked well, can give a good boost to your SERP ranking. Internal linking can add a good value to your page and it is most useful for establishing good site architecture and ensure good link equity. Internal linking is not only the best SEO practice but it also helps a user to have an enhanced experience.

It is a common practice to provide internal linking from new pages to old pages, but the trick lies in doing it vice versa. It is very important to write a good descriptive anchor text for the internal links. The more precise interlinks you provide in your page, the more time a reader will be on your page.

Internal linking is one of the best SEO strategies for your business to keep your audience hooked to your page. It is the perfect way to build your brand and is always good to go back and update an old post, if possible, add some links to that page if users can find more related content in that page.

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