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Why Search Engine Optimisation? Importance and benefits of SEO for your business growth

Updated: Jul 3, 2019

Why SEO? Importance and benefits of SEO for your business - Rank Strikers - Vigneswaran Rajagopal

Why do I need Google for my business? was one of the most asked questions by the business owners of the early 2000s. The gravity of that question is not relevant today as we can witness how Google has transcended businesses into the digital era. Similarly, the influence of SEO in transforming businesses is equally weighted to as that of Google. And hence, it is much needed for businesses to understand the importance and benefits of sewing competitive SEO practices into their businesses.

Before that, it is important to have a precise understanding of what exactly SEO is.

So, what is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is nothing but a set of practices involving analysis of online search activity of your target users and optimizing the corresponding elements of your digital assets like business websites, social media handles, classifieds, listings etc. SEO is done to improve the ranking of the websites and thereby enhance the visibility of the business and a lot more.

Why is SEO important and what are its benefits for businesses?

SEO and its perks to business have become a larger universe of its own since the internet began taking businesses global. However, there are a few major benefits and important reasons why one should infuse SEO practices into one’s businesses. And they are

Better website ranking and business visibility

This is the primary reason why SEO is implemented by businesses. There are scores of businesses online trying to grab the attention of the customers and convert the attention into sales. That’s the reason you should implement top-notch SEO practices and strategies into the digital assets of your business. Businesses implementing SEO practices rank better on search engines and make the website available for organic search results.

Build business trust and credibility

There is a subconscious thought imbibed into the customers that the top ranking websites in the first search page are superior ones and the businesses that are far behind in the search rankings are mediocre. There is no blaming this thought process as it has been the way human nature works. So the best that your business can do is to conform around the thought process to build trust and credibility thereby succeeding in delivering your business in the minds of your customers.

Increased customer inflow and conversions

  1. Good SEO means good page ranking.

  2. Good ranking means good brand visibility.

  3. Good brand visibility means a good number of customer inflow.

  4. And the good number of customer inflow increases the probability of customers converting to a sale.

  5. Good probability of sale means higher revenue.

  6. Higher revenue would lead to higher growth.

  7. These above sentences would best summarize how SEO impacts your businesses and how significant its role is.

Enhanced user experience and brand building

SEOs have come a long way from optimizing websites just for search engines and keywords to optimizing the user experience and efficient wireframes. The amount of content that is being consumed through websites is exponentially higher compared to that of a decade ago. And hence, users subconsciously classify websites with better UI as superior ones and associate websites or businesses with poor UIs as substandard ones. Hence it is essential for your business to possess an optimized UI for a better brand image.

Bringing business insights from customer activity

The role of modern SEO practices does not halt at optimizing web pages and UIs but extends to collect important user activity data that helps in business insights. Data is the new oil. The more relevant customer data a business collects, the more personalized they can design their business into for the customer. Hence, SEO plays a huge role in analysis and business insights that helps in building & personalizing the businesses.

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