Sustaining its competitors on a very big platform is the most challenging thing that every business could face. Business owners invest in various forms to overcome the crowd. Invest in any form should yield good results.

Advertising is the best ever known technique that every business uses to publicize their brand. The Web offers PPC advertising for businesses to improve their return on investments. PPC advertising campaign offers an opportunity to pay for results on top searches and even appear on partner websites. You can flood traffic to your website by using Pay-Per-Click marketing. This indeed contributes in many ways to your existing SEO strategies.
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We, Rank Strikers, own a powerful team of highly-qualified experts who are certified in Google AdWords, Double-Click Search, and Bing Ad Search geeks in the UK. Our team possesses a thorough knowledge of each and every industry that helps them to initiate ideas boldly for a better result.

Looking for an agency that could catapult your business? Why settle for something less when you get the best? We, Rank Strikers, are a London-based PPC Advertising company who work on result-driven strategies. Choose us to get definitive results and you could expect the following from our team:



Google AdS


Implementing PPC Advertising delivers you the right audience by placing you at the top positions in the search engine results. Google accounts for 90% of US & UK searches. Thus, Google AdWords turns out to be the most effective PPC advertising campaign. This helps you to place your business website in the top positions of Google’s searches. By choosing, Google AdWords, you can test your keywords along with your existing SEO strategies.




Why do you limit your search results to a single search engine when you can easily put it across several search engines? People out there on the web do not use single search engines. They search across several search engines and this includes Bing as well. Bing is the second leading search engine next to Google. People use this as a secondary preference to find their information. Rank Strikers help you start with your Bing Advertisement campaign and this includes ad-creation, optimization, and management services.





Facebook is one of the prominent social media platforms to establish your brand. Facebook Ads contribute more than what you could expect. It has more than 1 billion active users and 890 mobile active users every day, and this makes Facebook stand ahead of all other social media platforms. Facebook is featured as one of the robust and strong social media platforms that transmit most messages across the globe. Looking for ways to establish your brand? We are here to help you explore even the invisible ones.



LinkedIn adS


LinkedIn is the next prominent social media platform designed exclusively for B2B customers. It allows the businesses with the ability to target the audience on all the aspects. On top of this, we as professionals keep this profile updated as a reflection of our career growth and personal value. This means that displaying ads on LinkedIn becomes accurate and allows you to reach your prospective and potential clients.



Shopping Ad Management

One can find Shopping Ad Management on both Google as well as in Bing. You can easily find out ways to find a better chance to directly display your products on Google Searches. One of the major advantages of using shopping ads is they appear on top of the organic search results. This is the place where Rank Strikers loves to make their client appear!

During 2014, it seems that the share for shopping ads have doubled from 7% to 16%. Do you want to miss this chance?





It is the easiest way to connect with people who have previously interacted with your website or through the mobile app. Remarketing technique allows you to strategically position your product ads in front of these audiences as and when they browse search engine websites. This helps you to increase your brand awareness and indirectly reminds those audiences to make a purchase.


What our PPC client think?

Amistad Partners


"Rank Strikers have been a fantastic asset to Amistad Partners online marketing strategy. As a start-up hotel representation company, Rank Strikers SEO and PPC team were able to help to rank our website in first pages. Great reporting processes and contact from our campaign manager and outreach team. We will continue to use the services of Rank Strikers for many years to come."

Edward Beale

Chairman at Amistad Partners Hotel Marketing Ltd.


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